The environmental impact has to be close to zero

To edify means to inflict an inevitable wound to the ground, so it is essential today to intervene on the environmental impact of all other aspects. The building must be placed architecturally in the environment, built with recycled and/or recyclable materials and with a consumption management close to zero.

Almost zero environmental impact

The whole building is made without concrete, then completely removable and recyclable, the thermal and acoustic insulations are made of recycled materials. The perfect insulation of the external envelope, the electric heat pump and a photovoltaic system make the house energetically self-sufficient.

The environments must be easily adaptable to the needs

“Home” means “place of living” and therefore it must be built around the needs of the man. It must provide the functions and basic services in a simple and functional way, on the other hand its spaces must adapt to the specific needs of each type of household.

From 60sqm to 130sqm with a single central module

The central module is, in the transport phase, similar to a container and it’s thought to contain the perimeter walls needed to realize the whole house. Under construction the central module is anchored and the external “skin” can be positioned at will depending on the personal housing needs.

To minimize the work on site favoring the production in the factory

The environment of the building site is an highly inefficient and purely artisanal place of production, where it is very hard to meet the minimum standards of efficiency and quality. Inaccuracies, mistakes and the lengthening of the time lead to malfunctions and waste of money paid by the final consumer.

More than 90% of prefabrication

The new building consists of: foundations built on site, a central module completely pre-built, prefabricated lightweight walls for the external perimeter of the building and also a prefabricated roof. The central module, in addition to the plant design, also contains the anti-seismic structure on which you can directly realize the roof. In case you want to make more floors, it’ll be sufficient to add an other central module directly over the previous one.

It’s necessary to create a technological “heart” which manages all the energy in a rational way.

For centuries, the fire has been the hub of the house, the only source of energy available inside. Now the energies are different and easily transportable.
The buildings, in fact, are crossed by pipes for hot water, cold water, electricity cables and data lines.

The energy is handled within the central module

The technological “heart” of the house manages all the energies. Inside there are: the heating and cooling system (heat pump), including all terminals, domestic hot water, electricity grid and inverters for photovoltaic system, drainage pipes, data line. The whole building is managed by an home automation system..