The single housing unit is already fully prepared to be part of a multi level building: the flat roof is also the floor of the higher level, the central module has all the connections designed for bringing the system on the higher floor (drains, electrical, water and telephone links).

During the assembly, once bolted the roof of the first floor, rather than to caulk and close, new “plugs” are inserted repeating the same operation done on the ground floor. The second central module is installed on the pins and then the perimeter walls. Once installed the roof of the first floor, we can proceed to stack an other module realizing an other floor or finishing with a coverage.

The floors are all the same and they differ for the material: a proofed floor when we have an higher level or an aluminum panel when we have a coverage.



It’s a modular steel structure that will be set at the factory and made ​​by bolting the carpentry work. The steps and the plan of distribution are metal grilled. The stairs run around a lift block.

The stairwell, enclosed by apartments on three sides, is covered by a waterproof tensile structure that comes down to the open side of the stairs giving a strong architectural character to the building and a protection from the weather.


It’s installed on a steel structure and it’s a residential elevator for handicapped people, so for 3 persons.

The passenger car have a 1.20 × 0.80 and 2.00 m high plan.



The parapets have coated iron pillars with panels made ​​of always painted perforated sheet. Alternating with parapets, there are always painted iron planters in size 50x50x50.

The floor is planked wood treated for outdoor use or in WPC depending on the demands of clients.